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Mountain Safety

Safety Advice

We are all about enjoying Ben Nevis (and other mountains) safely and with respect to other people and the mountain environment. Take a look at our Climb Ben Nevis training plan for our top tips and advice on how to prepare for your day on Ben Nevis.

By following these simple steps, you can also make sure you are planning future mountain adventures responsibly:

  • Choose to develop your own skills and confidence by signing up to a certified Mountain Skills course
  • Make a plan before you leave home: How will you travel to Ben Nevis? Where to park if you’re driving? What’s a suitable path to use for your group? Will you have to organise overnight accommodation?
  • Plan a suitable route: How long will the walk take you? Will it suit all involved? Do you have enough experience to tackle this route? How will the forecasted weather affect you? What time do you need to set out and get back?
  • Check a suitable mountain weather forecast for your chosen area – for example Mountain Weather Information Service - West Highlands
  • Find out what kit and equipment you need and pack according to the weather forecast for higher up the mountain (it WILL be colder up there!)
  • Do you know how to read a map or use a compass? How will you know where you are going on the mountain? Increase your knowledge and skills if necessary. Speak to local businesses etc before you set out, there’s a lot of information you can gain from others locally.
  • Take plenty of food and snacks, juice drinks, water, hot drinks in flask (colder weather) to sustain you all day. Remember suncream/sunhat if it’s sunny and hot
  • Tell someone where you are going: leave a route plan and contact details
  • Having a mobile phone (charged) is a good way to update others accordingly (but don’t rely in getting consistent reception in mountainous areas)
  • Don’t be afraid of changing plans in poor weather or turning back if it gets too much – sometimes ‘carrying on’ increases the risk
  • Be aware of your whole party and how everyone is coping with the day out – is everyone happy and still chatting?!
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Weather Forecasts

In the last few days leading up to your Climb Ben Nevis day, keep checking this weather forecast for up to date information about weather on the mountain itself.

This particular forecast will tell you what the visibility will be like (including will you see a view from the summit?) and what the temperature at the top of the mountain will be.

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Lochaber MRT

LMRT attend incidents that are remote from the road side where the normal emergency services are unable to operate.

They provide rescue services in a wide range of scenarios, from climbers stuck on the sheer North Face of Ben Nevis, to canoeists trapped in steep-sided gorges.

Advice to Unaccompanied Groups

Our aim is to offer advice and a professionally run service for those people looking for support and leadership for their climb on Ben Nevis – be they individuals, families or small and large groups.

We understand that this service might not be what everyone is looking for or requires. But, especially for those looking to organise ‘group’ or ‘fundraising’ walks on the mountain, we do offer the following advice and please take note of our Mountain Safety information on this page:

  • Consider if your event should take into consideration guidelines from the Institute of Fundraising for organised charity fundraising events.
  • Also consider the courtesy of informing Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team of any large scale events happening on the mountain on a particular day. This in no way means the team will have any extra involvement on the day – but sometimes it’s good for the team to have a general idea about how busy the mountain will be on any given day.

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